My current work seeks to broaden existing narratives around the paintings of black people. As well as challenge the social and political weight that often overwhelms and overshadows the uniqueness of the black experience.

Through humour and moments of absurdity, such a figures wearing polka dots thongs, or a semi nude figure riding a bike I hope not to diminish the inherent and necessary conversations attached to painting the black figure but to offer alternative narratives and discourses. 

I am engaging with a diverse range of material from television and magazines. These images are not duplicated on the canvas but rather act as starting point. They encourage me to formulate a symbolism and assist in the articulation of my thoughts by providing solid ground. So these paintings have various narratives at play in them. Both fiction, non fiction and my own experience. But in the end these paintings are collages, mappings of thoughts and instinct.



Colour plays a vital part in my work, how they interact with one another, how the viewer can be manipulate through aesthetics from thought into feeling. Often the work is dealing with complex, negative emotions or experiences but depicted with a bright colour palette allude to something more positive and palatable. Figures missing arms and without heads could be unsettling but this specific palette suggest otherwise and this juxtaposition, which confuses the viewer intrigues me. 

The charged space of the canvases I create, with its opposing energies hope to disorientate the viewer forcing them to engage and make their independent conclusions and then to question the reasoning behind the thought.